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Wooden Ring (Various Sizes Available)

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- Please note: This listing is for a ONE wooden ring. Please increase the quantity as you wish☺️

- These rings can be used for so many different projects!

- SUPER SOFT AND NATURAL RINGS: Each wooden rings has been sanded smooth. The wood is light and natural, ready for painting or spraying. To seal the wood, add a layer of clear or coloured varnish to give a shiny appearance and to protect the wood too ✨


Select from sizes:

  • 70mm (7cm) outer diameter : 50mm (5cm) inner diameter
  • 60mm (6cm) outer diameter : 40mm (4cm) inner diameter
  • 50mm (5cm) outer diameter : 35mm (3.5cm) inner diameter
  • 40mm (4cm) outer diameter: 25mm (2.5cm) inner diameter