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Natural 3PLY 4mm, 180m Thread Shop Macramé Cord

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Our new 4mm 3ply Macramé Rope is a triple twist cotton cord made from 100% undyed recycled cotton. It is perfect for macramé, weaving or any fibre art.

It is soft & knots beautifully, producing amazing fringes and tassels. Thanks to its twisted structure it is firm and easy to work with.

It is sustainable and made of 100% recycled cotton.

 How the rope is produced:

1. Old clothes and textile waste are collected and sorted by color.

2. They are cut into consistent smaller pieces and shredded.

4. Cotton is spun to achieve the softest and finest yarn.

5. Yarn is twisted into Premium 3ply Macramé Rope <3

The inner spool is made of recycled paper and biodegradable.

 Each roll is approx. 180m & weighs 1kg.