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Metallic Twist Yarn Pack (4 x 10m)

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Our new Metallic Twist Yarn Pack consists of four bundles of our lush new 3mm 3ply cords:

Golden Twist, Champagne Twist, Silver Twist & Copper Twist.

Each cord bundle is approx. 10m in length. This pack is perfect for smaller projects or for trying out our new colours!

The metallic yarn gives a unique effect! Thanks to the new, twisted structure, the string is strong, easy to work with, and you can get two types of fringes by untangling it with your fingers or combing it with a comb.

It's perfect for making Holiday's decorations, centrepieces and other decorative projects.

The 3mm string can also be used as a gift-wrapping cord.

Thanks to the unique combination of a shiny twisted thread and a cotton string, it's an ideal material to create small gifts for your loved ones, e.g. shiny key chain, or elegant DIY jewellery.

The new 3mm 3ply Macramé Rope is a triple twist cotton cord composed of 60 single threads twisted with three 20-thread parts. It is perfect for macramé, weaving or any fiber art.

It is super soft, smooth, knots beautifully and gives amazing, twirly fringes and tassels. Thanks to its twisted structure it is firm and easy to work with.

The 3ply Macramé Rope is produced in our small factory in Poland.

It is made of 94% of recycled cotton & 6% polyester.

How it is produced:
1. Old clothes and textile waste are collected and sorted by color.
2. They are cut into consistent smaller pieces and shredded.
3. Selected colors are blended to gain an amazing shades of yarn. The colorblend process allows consistent color matching with no dyes, no water and no chemical products applied!
4. Cotton is spun to achieve the softest and finest yarn.
5. Yarn is twisted into Premium Macramé Cord <3

5 Star Safety Rating

Premium Macramé Cord has been granted authorization according to STANDARD 100 by OEKOTEX (including requirements for Baby articles).
OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 guarantees that the tested and certified yarn does not contain any harmful substances that are a danger to human health and environment.

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